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the pink series

In terms of the creative process involved with this series, each illustration took a different route. 'Come on you know you want to' & 'You're just a bit slutty' were originally ink drawings by Aderyn, that I then digitally manipulated to form a final image.'Pants' is a piece that I worked on alone, taking inspiration from our first illustration. This started as a line drawing which was then digitally manipulated to add colour & create a repeat pattern.

the pink series

This series is an ongoing collaborative illustration project between myself & Aderyn Holt in response to #whenIwas that was present across social media at the time starting. The series initially began when we were both asked to write a piece for a third years final execution around the topic of gender & identity.As open feminists & long time art students, we felt that it would be interesting to combine the these two elements in a visual format.

October 2016